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With the special technology and techniques, engraving is of outstanding importance in banknote printing. During the development of the past few decades, the engraving group of CBPM has grown up gradually. The group has not only accomplished the engraving of all of the five series of RMB, but also carried on the banknote design and plate making for Hong Kong, Macau and a number of foreign countries.

Since the reform and opening, the engraving technology of our country has developed at a high speed. In order to cope with the demand generated by the growth of banknote printing, CBPM mustered the excellent engraving technologists and advanced facilities to found the Engraving Center of CBPM. At present, the Center has introduced an advanced CAD, a set of electrotype plate making system, photochemical engraving facilities, Alcohol (water) nylon-print plate facilities, electroform plate making as well as offset and intaglio printing proof press for banknote and plate making. Moreover, there are about twenty senior and junior engraving experts working for it. The Center will, s it always, meet the requirement of CBPM and in the meantime, provide the service such as designing, engraving and printing of securities instruments and anti-counterfeiting notes to both domestic and overseas customers.

In the future, Chinese engraving will base itself upon the requirement of both CBPM and international market and use foreign advanced management mode as well as functional mechanism for reference in order to take the lead of the world in a short period.


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