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China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation has three paper mills. Locating in Baoding, Chengdu and Kunshan respectively. The first banknote paper came from Baoding Paper Mill.

In the four decades of developing history, we imported the advanced technology and facilities from Germany, France and Italy. We also assembled by ourselves six production lines, which are equal to the late 1990s world standard. These assembly lines, including pulp-making system, paper machine, cross cutting, packing and other control system, apply the most advanced equipment with high-accuracy resistance testing facility, which enable the technique and quality control to be realized in the whole production process. There are also strict security measures, which ensure the security of all products. We have not only the largest capacity in producing banknote paper in the world, but also the top-level production equipment. For years, we ensure the issuance of Chinese currency, and have exported large amount of banknote paper to more than ten countries. CBPM has enhanced its position and reputation worldwide.

In the new century, CBPM will adhere to its established policy, continuing its service to both domestic and overseas customers with reliability, advanced technology and high quality.

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