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Changcheng Gold & Silver Refining Factory, the subordinate enterprise of China Banknote Printing and Minting Corp., is a modern manufacturer specialized in gold and silver refining, purification and industrial processing.

Changcheng Factory has decades of experience in its business. It also has a highly professionalized team and strong capability of researching and developing new process and new technology. The production line for gold refining and purification and expertise imported and introduced from Australia has brought to the factory such advantages as short process cycle, limited wastage and high purity. The factory has become the production base of gold & silver refining and purification of the People’s Bank of China. Its standard gold bar of 12.5kg has been registered in the “Precious Metal Market League” in London, United Kingdom. Its silver bars are exported to a variety of countries. The various gold and silver products have always served national defense industry and electronic industry with high quality.

In the new century, CBPM will adhere to its established policy, continuing its service to both domestic and overseas customers with reliability, advanced technology and high quality.

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