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Nanjing Mint, the subordinate of China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPM), is an integrative enterprise specialized in manufacturing machines for banknote printing and minting, producing circulating coins, printing value-added  tax invoices and developing banking machinery products. Equipped with a specialized R&D institution for banknote printing and minting machinery, the Mint enjoys a high capacity in mechanical production and advanced technology capability. It is the exclusive supplier of special machinery in banknote printing and minting in China, and also one of the few manufacturers of special machinery in banknote printing and minting in the world.

As the sole domestic supplier of banknote printing presses, Nanjing Mint has an integrative system for designing, manufacturing and engineering for banknote printing machines. Starting from 1950, the Mint has successfully developed and produced Model 145-I four-color collection banknote printing press and Model 145-IV four-color intaglio banknote printing press. Later on, Model 72 deep-etch relief integrative banknote printing press, Model 82-I offset and intaglio aggregate banknote printing press, and Model 82-II four-color intaglio banknote printing press were developed and put into use. In the early 90s, more banknote printing presses such as Model 245-I-B offset and Model 92 intaglio banknote printing press were developed by Nanjing Mint in cooperation with Security Printing Research Institute of People’s Bank of China to better fulfill the national demand of banknote printing.

Nanjing Mint has accumulated abundant scientific research data and technical documentation with a thorough scientific database. It has a strong capability in developing new product and technology. Through frequent communications in technology with all national banknote printing plants, the Mint has timely acquired necessary technical information in banknote printing and minting. It has achieved serialization in the design of printing presses, generalization in components of sophisticated technology, and standardization in spare parts, which leads to an efficient management and supply in spare parts, and enables the Mint to provide satisfactory technical services to its customers.

Having obtained the accreditation of GB/T19001-2000 version Standard Management system, Nanjing Mint will make every effort in ensuring product quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement by adhering to the quality assurance model of “Design, Develop, Manufacture, Install and Service”.

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