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Upon the launch of CBPM's website, please allow us, on behalf of management, to express my sincere respect to those who pay much attention to the development of our company, and those who make great effort to the construction of our website.

CBPM is legal currency manufacture under the direct leadership of People's Bank of China. She has 19 big and middle size enterprises and one national technical center, which are specialized in banknote printing, minting, banknote paper making, credit cards, hologram products, machinery of banknote printing and minting, banking machines, high-purity gold and silver refining, printing of value-added invoices, negotiable securities, banking vouchers, and other security printing products.

China has a long history of currency making, which can be dated back to Shang Dynasty. China is one of the earliest countries that make and use currency. The origin of contemporary banknote printing and minting is Jinggangshan Revolutionary area after the founding of the People's Bank of China. CBPM can be traced back to Issuance Department of the People's Bank of China, Banknote Printing and Minting Administration Bureau of the People's Bank of China. CBPM commits herself to the development of currency making, carries forward the traditional technologies and learn from international advanced technologies, follows its guideline which highlights Service and Responsibility for the Central Bank, adhering to the corporation principle of Loyalty and Perfection. In order to make our group a modern one with "abundant strength, competitive advantage, advance technology, reliable credit". We will insist on implement of the development strategy, advance the technology and capital construction, optimize the management. After decades of continuous efforts and arduous work, now CBPM offers various new products with novel design and high quality, combining the Chinese traditional skills with high-tech achievements worldwide. CBPM has not only ensured the issuance of Chinese currency, but also produced substantive high-standard security paper, negotiable instruments, passports, engraved steel plates, anti-counterfeit inks, and special printing machines for its customers all over the world. The corporation has strengthened its position and enhanced the reputation worldwide.

The society today has a strong character of economic globalization and information. Information strategy is the important way of promoting traditional industries. To promote the industrialization strategy and to enhance management level by information is the common road for many enterprises. Website is must because it can be launched widely and can exchange information rapidly. Our website provides the opportunity for communication, exchange and business for the public. We hope it can contribute to the popularization of anti-counterfeit knowledge of Renminbi, collection the feedback of Renminbi's quality from the public, technical and business cooperation with suppliers and end-users. We will build an open, interactive and multi-function website to promote the development of our enterprise.

We made our efforts, because we remember our mission and commitment. CBPM is the manufacture of the national name card, "The promise we made is that we'll provide high quality banknote as well as reassurance for the people, Our banknote must withstand not only the proof from varies circulation conditions but also from counterfeiting." "We must build a first class banknote printing and minting corporation group with our hands and wisdom to make the most reliable and anti-counterfeiting name card of our country."


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