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China has a centuries-old history of banknote printing and minting. During the past thousands of years, countless elaborate coins made of gold, silver and copper came forth continuously; “Jiaozi” used in Sichuan province in Song Dynasty was the first banknote all over the world, it was the result of the economic and currency culture development. 

In modern time, China’s banknote printing and minting was dropped behind far from western countries. Qing government established “Fengtian Machinery Bureau” (the former Shenyang Mint) in 1896 and “Duzhibu Printing Bureau” (the former Beijing Banknote Printing Plant) in 1908.

During the revolution war period, Mao Zedong accepted the suggestion of establishing the first mint—Shangjing Mint. Afterwards, many other printing plants and mints were established in revolution base areas. The technology was well developed during that period. Those plants and mints contributed a lot to the revolution war and the consolidation of currency.

After the founding of People’s Republic of China, banknote printing and minting industry underwent an independeut way of developing, from small to big, from incomplete to complete, from decentralization to centralization. Among those progresses, there were many milestones: in 1965, Beijing Banknote Printing Plant manufactured the world's leading 245A offset printing machine; in September of the same year, Baoding Paper Mill trial-manufactured the first fixed watermark paper, which was called “Honor Paper”; Lunar Dog Commemorative Coin, Panda Gold Coin and Marco Polo Silver Commemorative Coin produced in 1980s won international awards; In 1993, Donghe Complex moved to Wenjiang, Chengdu, thus CBPM reallocated its capacity. The the fifth series of RMB issued after October 1999 are of world advanced technology; The 50th Anniversary of the Founding of China's Commemorative Banknote and the New Millennium Commemorative Banknote also gained public favorable comments.

Tortuous and honorable history comes from the yearly endless pursue of employees. It is also the result of painstaking effort and wisdom. Meanwhile, the spirit from hundred-year’s endeavor is the precious wealth of CBPM.

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