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In today’s world, it is an ideal way to do business with integrity and create harmonious working environment to provide customers with quality products.

With Chinese character “ (China)” as the basic form, the logo is so designed that features of Chinese traditional seals are integrated. The basic form is then transformed to “ (Print)”, another Chinese character. In the design, “ (China) ” stands for China and “ (Print)” implies the characteristics of the industry that China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPM) engages in.

As for the overall shape, it is round outside and square inside. The square hole in the center forms the pattern of currency in ancient China with the outer circular ring, perfectly reflecting main businesses of CBPM. The outer circular ring implies that CBPM is willing to accept new ideas and strives for innovation and development by adhering to traditional Chinese idea of knowing all around and serving customers sincerely, while the square shape inside demonstrates that CBPM is highly standardized.

The figure “1” in the center stands for CBPM’s vision of “building an international first-class banknote printing and minting corporation”.

Color can be reputed as the most popular symbol all over the world. CBPM’s logo is in Chinese red(a bright red color), a typical color of China that can fully show the connotation of printing culture in China. The color of “ (Print)” is the symbol of pure color. Chinese red represents enthusiasm and vitality and implies that CBPM is now full of vitality and strives for vigorous development.


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